Our fees

You can be reassured that for any investigations and treatments we may recommend, our fees conform to recognised 'Schedules of Fees' that your Insurance Company, or the Private Hospital where you are being seen, produce. You will not be asked to meet any additional costs. These specific costs can be discussed during your Consultation


If you have chosen to buy a package of care, fees for investigations and treatments are based on the same schedules, and your package will again include all predicatable aspects of your child's care.


However, our fees for Out-Patient Consultation are not 'Fee Assured' as requested by Insurance Companies. We do not believe that the fees offered by the Companies reflect the quality and time taken for your Consultation, nor reflect the Expertise or Experience of our Specialists.


We are sure that you will therefore understand that for those of you taking advantage of Private Health Insurance to see our Specialists, we will be asking for a top-up of up to £100. This will depend on who you visit, as our Specilaists offer slightly different consultations; we will charge between £200 and £250 for 'New Patient Consultations", lasting 20-45 minutes, and £140-£150 for follow up appointments of 15-30 minutes. These same fees apply to families choosing to pay for their consultations; we do not differentiate between our clients.


For treatments that are not included in the schedule of fees, specific negotiation may be necessary with Insurance Companies, or we will agree a fee with you before committing to further treatment.


Our Specialist 'Baby and Children Wellness' Nurses offer initial consultation lasting up to 45 minutes, costing £135. If further support is identified and agreed, packages costing from £200 are offered, which will include at least two further Consultation of 30 minutes, and 3 10 minute phone calls. These can be tailored to your needs, and can be flexible. Please feel free to talk to your Specialist Nurse at your consultation.




We will soon be asking for pre-payment over the telephone before confirming your Out-Patient appointment with our Specialists.

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