Second opinion

Being told your child has an illness that might be lifelong can be devastating, and after the shock comes anger, or blame, or guilt. And the inevitable question, have they got it right?


The same can be true when you are told your child needs an operation.


We know how you can leave a consultation confused, and frustrated that you did not ask all of the questions you know you wanted to ask. Perhaps the consultation was rushed, or you and your Doctor were on different pages, so to speak. Maybe you did not see the Consultant?


We would be delighted arrange a meeting between yourselves and your child, and one of our Specialists, to go through your story, and help you understand what you were told. We will take the time time go through the diagnosis, reassure you it is the right diagnosis, and that the proposed treatment is appropriate. And if we are not certain that this is indeed the case, we can advise on what to do next.


To help us really give you the best advice, it would be useful to see a summary of any medical records, test, scans and Xrays that your child has had elsewhere. If you could get those to Liz, at Spire Manchester Hospital in Didsbury, the week before we see you, we will have chance to look at them.


Don't forget to write all of your questions down as you think about them before we meet; so often the stress of a professional consultation can make your mind go blank! We fully expect that by the time we have spent some time together, you will feel more confident about your child’s diagnosis, or operation, and that you will feel much more in control again.

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