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Your Child Matters is proud to be able to introduce you to our team of committed and experienced Specialists, all available to give your child, and your family, the best support, advice and care possible.

John Bowen

Specialist Children's Surgeon

Founder and Director, Your Child Matters Ltd


John has been a Consultant Neonatal and Paediatric Surgeon in NHS, Private and Medico-legal practice for over 20 years. He has seen the value of children's Specialists working together as a team to bring their many skills to the child and family, and knows just how much many families would like to choose how they access health care for their child.


He has a wide experience as a Specialist 'General' Neonatal and Paediatric Surgeon, including complex gastro-enterology illnesses that might require an operation as part of the treatment, and flexible gastro-enterological endoscopy.


John is also aware how difficult it can be for Solicitors representing familes to find the right children's expert for opinion, and believes that one company bringing all of those experts together will help Solicitors, and their clients, obtain timely and fair advice from Specialists at the top of their fields.




Our Team

Mr. Ross Craigie

Specialist Children's Surgeon

Ross has a National reputation for surgery of childhood cancer and Congenital Hyperinsulinaemia (CHI), as well as recently being the Lead Surgeon for the Regional Centre for Neonatal and Paediatric Surgery in Manchester

Miss Claire Woodall

Specialist Children's Nurse

Child and Family wellbeing Advisor

Claire has many years experience working as a Ward Sister on an acute children's ward at the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital, and more recently as a Health Visitor in the Manchester Community.

As such , she has a real expertise at managing children and families when children are very ill, or when they are thriving, and healthy.

Dr. Shaila Sukthankar

Specialist Chidren's Doctor (Paediatrician)

Shaila has been a Consultant Paediatrician in Manchester for many years, and has a particular interest in renal disease in children. She also has a major role teaching Medical Students and Trainee  Doctors

Our Team

Dr Stuart Wilkinson

Specialist in Children's Respiratory Disease

Stuart joined the Paediatric Respiratory Department at the Royal Manchaster Children's Hospital in 2013, where he leads on managing children with Cystic Fibrosis (CF), and Long Term Ventilation (LTV) needs

Stuart is currently only available for Medico-Legal opinion through YCM Ltd.

Mr Roberto Ramirez

Specilaist Children's NeuroSurgeon

Roberto has an established expertise treating children with brain tumours at the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital, as well as being part of the team treating children with a variety of brain conditions, including major trauma


Mr Ibrar Majid

Specialist Children's Orthopaedic Surgeon

Ibrar treats children with a wide variety of congenital and acquired bone and joint problems at the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital, and provides Specialist Children's Orthopaedic services to the Royal Bolton Hospital

Our Team

Dr Stephen Hughes

Specialist in Children's Immunological medicine

Stephen has been a Consultant at the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital for many years, where he has helped build a major centre for the treatment of children with complex immune and allergy illness. He is also part of the hospital Infectious diseases group, helping the sensible and targeted use of antibiotics

Dr Gary McCullagh

Specialist in Children's Neurological disease

Gary has been part of the team at the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital for many years, treating children with a wide range of brain and nerve illness, for example complex epilepsy, and Cerebral Palsy.

Liz Costello

Office Manager

Liz has over 2 decades of experience as a Specialist PA in both the Legal and Medical worlds.

She has a team of staff who are able to produce letters, reports and invoices in a timely and efficient manner

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