Baby and Child Wellness

At YCM, we are keenly aware how parents, especially new parents, can need reassurance that their baby or child is not ill.


The sorts of things that you might be worried about, and our Baby Wellness Nurses see on an almost daily basis, include:


A crying baby that you struggle to settle, and disturbed sleep.

Concerns about feeding and weight gain.

How baby and child grows, brain development and communication.

Responsive parenting.

Baby play and bonding.

General baby and childhood ailments.

Allergy to something.

Troublesome behaviour.

Nappy care, toilet traing, constipation and wetting.

Breast feeding and formula feeding support.

Post-natal well baby checks, and immunisations.

Weaning to solids.

Posseting, vomiting and reflux.

Cows Milk Protein Intolerance (CMPI).

Referrals to other Services.

Email and telephone support.


This list is by no means exhaustive, so whatever your worry might be, please call us for an appointment.


Our team of Baby and Child Wellness Nurses, led by Sr Claire Woodall, RSCN and now a Health Visitor, are all experienced Children's Nurses who have many years working with Children and their families, both in Hospital and the Community. They will have spent many hours helping anxious and scared parents navigate through difficult times, both when their child is sick, and when they feel isolated with their child, and look to them for support.


They are available for appointments of up to 45 minutes at the new Spire Manchester Hospital in Didsbury. They will listen to you, hear your worries and fears, and to talk to you about your child's story, from your pregnancy to the present day. Don't forget to bring your baby's red book, if you have one.


Our Baby and Child Wellness Nurses will be able to give you a '360 degree' assessment of your child at that moment, and of course, they don't expect to find anything seriously wrong with your child.


However, if they do identify a problem that requires a medical opinion, they can advise how best to organise that, and of course we have our Specialists available for consultation privately, although they may have to make an appointment for you on a different day.


Not infrequently they identify a problem with your child that can be sorted out simply with a bit more time spent with you over the following weeks.  They will advise on the options availabe to you, and again, you will have the choice to make further appointments privately with your Baby Wellness Nurse if you wish. We are pleased to be able to offer tailor-made support to you and your child, including sleep and fussy eating packages. Your Wellness Nurse will talk to you about this at the end of your Consultation.


But most importantly, we expect to be able to reassure you that your baby or child is a precious individual, with his or her own personality, and who is well and thriving.


Please call Liz for prices, and an appointment.


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